Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pet Peeves

Blogger 1: Well, blogger 2 and I share an irritation with the human race. Stupid people piss me off to no end. Idiots who can't drive, I'd like to punch in the face. Psycho path control freaks. People who pull out the victim card every friggin chance they get. Old men who wear shorts and black socks with tennis shoes. What the hell are they thinking? The whole "going green" crap that's constantly shoved down our throats today. I'm all about doing my part in conservation and keeping the planet healthy, but there is a limit, and I draw it at driving some gutless Prius or electric car. For that matter, smug jerk wads who drive a Prius. Modern art. A red spaghetti sauce looking splotch on a piece of canvas is not art. A two year old could do that. And since when does super gluing a trash can lid to a big metal beam constitute a sculpture? And modern architecture. Some of it looks like it was designed by someone who had a siezure when they made the blue prints, and hired an interior designer who came to work drunk on a daily basis. People who can't even vote yet spewing their political opinions, as if they matter. As if anyone cares.

Blogger: Dudes with no shirts on. If there's not a swimming pool or a beach, put your damn shirt on. I don't care if you're ripped or fat, it doesn't matter. Women, on the other hand, can wear a bikini top if they're hot, and there doesn't have to be a beach anywhere around. And jack-ass bicyclists who ride two a breast. God, I'd like to hit them with my car. Or the ones who seem to find the roads with no shoulder! Stupid 20-somethings and teenagers who think that John Stewart idiot on Comedy Central is an actual source of news. People who think that Dancing with the Stars is reality T.V. Or American Idol. Men who go to pools or other places where it is okay to take your shirt off, and they have more hair on their backs than they do on their heads. When you look like a chia pet or a doormat, get that taken care of. Stupid people who think that things that come from the government are free. Where do you think the taxpayer's money goes to? It cost somebody something. To the people who own dogs that are smaller than cats: I hate to tell you, you don't own a dog. Whatever it is, it's not a dog. It's not even a cat. Actors and actresses, or any entertainer, who think I give a rat's ass what their opinions are on anything.

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